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redBus is Malaysia’s leading bus online ticket booking service trusted by millions of passengers globally. redBus offers a simple, transparent, and secure way to book online bus tickets from the convenience of your home. With its 130+ bus operators covering over 4,000 routes all across Malaysia and Singapore, redBus offers unparalleled travel services to customers.

Bus Operators in Malaysia

Sani Express: Established in 2006, Sani Express is one of Malaysia’s most reputed bus operators. Sani Express offers executive and double-deck buses running on popular routes like Kemaman to Klang, Marang to Kuala Lumpur, Klang to Kemaman, and more. The starting price of Sani Express online bus tickets is MYR 35.

Perdana Express: Perdana Express is a popular bus service headquartered in Kelantan. Its economy, double-deck, and double-deck SVIP buses run on routes like Pasir Puteh to Muar, Jerteh to Terminal Bas Segamat, Kuala Lumpur to Kota Bharu, etc. The starting price of the Perdana Express bus ticket online is MYR 55.

Transnasional: Established in 2007, Transnasional covers about 250 routes connecting various cities in Malaysia and Singapore. Its inventory of buses includes business economy club, executive coach, economy club class, business, and standard. The popular routes covered by Transnasional include Malacca to Ipoh, Bahau to JB Larkin Bus Terminal, Kuala Terengganu to Terminal Kuantan Sentral, etc. The online bus tickets of Transnasional cost around MYR 40.

Adik Beradik: Adik Beradik is one of the top bus online ticket services in Malaysia that runs various bus types, including seater, double deck, executive, economy, and SVIP. These buses cover popular routes, including Shah Alam to Dungun, Kerteh to Putra Jaya, Jerteh to Machang, and more. The starting price of online bus tickets for Adik Beradik is MYR 41.

Aerobus: Founded in 2007, Aerobus is a leading bus service connecting various big and small cities. It offers single-deck 44-seater buses that cover popular bus routes, including Changlun to Genting Highlands, KLIA to Subang Skypark, Changlun to Tanjung Malim, etc. The starting price of online bus tickets for Aerobus is MYR 10.

SP Bumi: Headquartered in Kuala Terengganu, SP Bumi is recognized for its comfortable bus travel services in many Malaysian cities. Its fleet of buses includes double-deck, executive, economy, and seater buses. The popular routes covered by SP Bumi include Melaka Sentral to Kemaman, Kuantan to Pasir Gudang, Kampar to Kemaman, etc. The starting price of the bus online ticket of SP Bumi is MYR 28.6

KKKL: Established on January 22, 1983, KKKL Express is a trusted service operating for more than three decades. Its bus inventory includes Super VIP Air-Conditioned Coaches, Single High- Deck Express Buses, Executive Double Decker Coaches, First Class Edition 18- Seat LCD Coaches, etc. Its popular routes include Kota Bharu to Malacca, Kota Bharu to Kuantan, Penang to Melaka Sentral, etc. The starting price of online bus tickets is MYR 56.6.

Yoyo Bus: Founded in 2004, Yoyo Bus runs executive coach buses on various routes like Ipoh Amanjaya to KLIA, Johor Bahru to KLIA, KLIA to Yong Peng, etc. The starting price of Yoyo Bus online bus tickets is MYR 59.

Maraliner: Headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Maraliner offers various bus types, including double-deck SVIP, SVIP, economy, seater, and standard. The popular routes covered by Maraliner are Kangar to Penang, Putra Jaya to Sik, Shah Alam to Penang Sentral, etc. The starting bus online ticket price of Maraliner is MYR 11.

Other than these, some leading bus operators in Malaysia are:


Billion Star Express

Causeway Link

Cosmic Express

Sri Maju

Starmart Express

Top Routes Booked in Malaysia

KL to Penang: KKKL Express, Cosmic Express, Etika Express, etc., bus operators run on this route of 354.6 KM. The average bus online ticket price is MYR 35.

KL to Singapore: Causeway Link, First Coach, KKKL, etc. run on this route of 350.1 KM distance. The online bus ticket price is MYR 45.

KL Sentral to KLIA2: Aerobus and Sanwa Express cover this route of 5.5 KM distance. The average ticket bus online price is MYR 15.

Penang to KL: Sani Express, Pancaran Matahari, KKKL bus operators run on this route of 353.2 KM. The ticket bus online price is MYR 33.

Singapore to KL: First Coach, Golden Coach, KKKL bus operators cover this route of 354.7 KM. The online bus tickets cost S$ 18.

KL to Ipoh: Starmart Express, Supernice Grassland, KPB Ekspress connect this 205.2 KM long route. The online bus ticket costs MYR 20.

KL to Melaka: KKKL, Dilema Vision, Melor Interline Express cover this route of 145.4 KM. The ticket bus online price is MYR 7.56.

KL to Cameron Highlands: Unititi Express, CS Travels, and Tours run on this 205.9 KM route. The price of online bus tickets is MYR 22.4.

KLIA2 to KL Sentral: KKKL covers this route of 4.8 KM. The cost of bus tickets online is MYR 12

KL Sentral to Genting Highlands: Aerobus runs on this route of 53.7 KM. The online bus tickets cost MYR 10.

How to Book a Bus Ticket Online with redBus Malaysia

Enter your journey details and click on ‘search buses’.

Select a bus from available buses. Choose seats and boarding and dropping points.

Pay the price of online bus tickets to confirm.

Payment Methods

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Debit Card

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For details or queries, customers can contact redBus 24/7 customer care service on +60-330992524.

redBus offers the most hassle-free bus online ticket booking service with mTicket. With its flexible payments, cancellation, and refund policies, redBus ensures an affordable, comfortable, and safe travel journey to passengers. Check out the redBus app or visit the official website to avail of exciting discounts and cashback offers on your online bus ticket booking.


How can I buy bus tickets on redBus?

The process is very easy. Go to the main page of redBus and enter the source and destination locations in the “From” and “To” fields respectively. Enter the date of travel and hit the “Search” button. You will now have a list of buses that operate on the route of your choice. You can use the filter options, such as duration, fare, etc., to rearrange the list of buses accordingly. This makes it easier for a customer to book their bus ticket online with redBus.

Do I need to create an account on the redBus site to buy my bus ticket?

No, you do not need to create an account on the redBus site to buy your bus ticket. But it is recommended to create one to accelerate the booking process the next time you want to buy a bus ticket. Also, redBus has many discounts and offers that you can easily access if you have an account with redBus.

Is it safe to use my credit or debit card to buy bus tickets on redBus?

Of course! redBus has invested a lot to ensure that their customers are protected. redBus is a platform where transactions can be made safely. With more than 180 million satisfied users, we can say that it is very safe to make a payment through the website or mobile app of redBus. Moreover, redBus is PCI-DSS certified.

What happens if the bus does not leave on time or is canceled?

In such situations, you will need to consult the counter of the respective coach company. You can even contact customer care to discuss the appropriate action that needs to be taken.

Can I cancel my bus ticket online?

Yes, you can, provided that the bus operator supports it as not all operators offer a cancellation option when you book your tickets with them. If an operator does offer the option to cancel a bus ticket, check the cancellation policies of that bus operator. You might get charged a percentage of the bus fare for canceling the bus ticket. You can visit the “Contact Us” page on the redBus website or app to stay updated on contact information that could help improve your bus booking experience.

Can I change the date of my journey after I have booked my bus ticket?

Yes, you can. Look for the “Reschedule” icon if you think your travel plans might get interrupted, while booking. Bus operators with the “Reschedule” icon next to it offer buses that offer the option of rescheduling them incase your initially selected date is not viable to travel on.